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miguel Navarro
miguel Navarro

Dino Storm Hack V8 1 BEST


dino bash is one of the hottest racing games on the android and ios. you can see that from the frequency with which this game is updated. its one of the few games to which the developers keep updating it. amongst other things they added an online multiplayer option. furthermore, it was great that they included cars from several manufacturers (mclaren, toyota, ford, tesla, porsche). the game also includes a lot of user-friendly options, such as the possibility to keep the rest of the game paused, as you take a break or in the car. the games controls are on the bottom part of the screen. there are both screen and key buttons as well as a function fasle. this feature changes the car automatically to the fastest setting it can be. you can activate it right away by pressing the left button and then the right arrow as you are driving, or later on in the racing session when you press the large and blue button just above the one for turning on or off the music.

players who like racing games but dont have time to spend hours in the simulator or just dont enjoy that way of gaming might want to check out this game, as it is straight-forward and fun. there is no story to read, there are no multiple routes to complete challenges or a driving style to master. its all about having fun playing and winning. however, dinoland is a little short of park areas, but that can be easily fixed by purchasing the respective maps from the in-game shop. if you want to try the game out for free you should absolutely give it a shot.

feel like driving a machine you have always wanted to drive, but havent been able to then this game might just be the right thing for you. dubbed dino bash, it is a classic nintendo inspired racing game, with a racing simulation and game of car games! play as the driver of your favorite exotic car, driving your way through the streets of dinoland, at a break neck speed. use the track navigation to steer you car safely through the mad traffic and chaos of a day in dinoland. your mission is to race as fast as you can. dont worry if your car is not that fast, you can still win when you have to use whatever skills you have to survive. 3d9ccd7d82


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