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Colorful Chalks


Jolly Smart Kids Childcare Center follows the Flight: Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework which is embedded with high quality early learning care, utmost safety and family -oriented facility. The umbrella of the curriculum framework embraces the child’s everyday experiences as a mighty learner and citizen. It is installed with integrated content, flexible and age-appropriate programming, qualified early childhood educators, inclusive environment that supports diversity and effective parents and community engagement.


The philosophy of the Jolly Smart Kids Childcare Center Inc. is enrooted on the uniqueness of each child and therefore, acknowledges that children will grow and develop at distinctive and varying paces. We believe that the early years are important in the child’s development, so we strive to provide a safe, secure, nurturing and healthy learning environment where the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and creative needs are supported and preserved.


The program is specifically designed to cater every child’s developmental needs and interpret their everyday childcare experiences. It is guided with a vision that demonstrates how each child’s potential is valued and respected.  

Health & Safety



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