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Where Can You Buy Bon Bons

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Where Can You Buy Bon Bons

A bonbon is a sweet or small confection, especially a small bun coated in chocolate. The word originated from the French language and simply means "(hard) candy", where the first reports of bonbons come from the 17th century, when they were made at the French royal court.

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At EJ Bonbons & Confections, we use the highest quality ingredients. Each batch of artisanal bonbons is made in small quantities allowing us to focus on the finest of details. We not only want to create chocolates that are beautiful, but provide an experience that is full of flavor and texture. Our hand-painted bonbons showcase chocolate as an art.

When one of our customers asked us to track down these sweet coconut bonbons for them, we finally found these Southern specialties in Georgia. It only took one bite to understand our customer's devotion to these flavorful confections. And now you can try them, too!

We make all of our confections (coconut, salted caramel, peanut butter, cookie dough, fudge, S'mores and mint chocolate chip) from scratch. Then we hand roll and dip them in chocolate. Since we don't use any preservatives, it is best if you keep them cool. Refrigerated they will last 4 weeks and in the freezer for 4 months. Who are we kidding! You won't be able to keep yourself from eating them for that long anyway. (To quickly order any size tin simply click on the white area below the size tin that you want to purchase where it says Coconut to choose your flavor, then click the Buy Now button). You can also stop by our bakeshop (Smallcakes Scottsdale) at 9699 N Hayden Rd Ste E-109, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 (Hayden Rd and Mountain View) or call us at 480-282-8611

Our haggis is rich and creamy, with a good level of spice. Our bon bons are great for easy entertaining or those just wanting a wee taste.Our 20g balls of haggis rolled in panic crumb and fried. Ready just to test and serve.

Hidden within their fruit-flavored center are popping candy pieces inside the chocolate sweets which create an exploding sensation where its name derives from. The Exploding Bon Bons include ten individually wrapped sweets and are presented in a movie inspired box, based on packaging from Honeydukes sweet shop.

Our Classic Bonbon Collections contain a delectable selection of our best-selling filled chocolates, mendiants, truffles & solid chocolate bonbons in white, dark and milk chocolates with an array of textures and flavors.

This is not a newsletter where we spam you with messages every week. We limit our communications to only send you important messages and notifications about new products or major announcements our SUGOi Sweets community will want to know about. You will also gain access to exclusive discounts.

These bon bons are no ordinary treat. We add creamy peanut butter mixed with Rice Krispies and coat them with chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. It is hard to eat just one! The creamy peanut butter combined with the slight crunch from the Rice Krispies and sweet chocolate is irresistible.

Inside each delicate dark chocolate Bon Bon is the bold flavor of Bourbon. These confections create a true synergy between the Bourbon and chocolate in both flavor and texture making these chocolate bon bons slightly sinful.

Let's cut to the chase... there is not a better chocolate shop anywhere than The Belgian Chocolatier Piron. Nope, not even in Belgium (from whence the shop owners hail). They are not cheap, but they shouldn't be. The chocolates are handmade, incredibly fresh and AMAZING! Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to chocolate selection, but having tried everything they make in this shop, I can assure you that you will pick a winner every time. The owners and their staff are always friendly, helpful and considerate. They take the time to ask if the chocolates are a gift, being transported via air, etc. and package accordingly. This shop is a treasure.

Calling all Coconut lovers! These Assorted Coconut Bon Bons are for you! With a fresh, creamy & dreamy coconut center and indulgent, melt-in-your-mouth outside fondant coating of either coconut itself, rich chocolate, fruity strawberry, or tangy lemon, these assorted bon bons are a mouthful of coconut paradise! Just AMAZING to serve at parties or give out as party favors, as well as in include in candy displays, these delicious delights are sure to be loved by all your guests! And don't worry, nobody's gonna stop you from buying a bag all to yourself, either!

Christmas bon bons, also known as Christmas crackers, are festive table decorations that make a snapping sound when pulled open. These little packages of joy often contain a paper hat, a small gift, a joke or saying, and spread happiness for the giver and the receiver.

Ganache. You've seen the word countless times on menus describing chocolate desserts. Ganache is the decadent combination of cream and chocolate, used to frost cakes, glaze donuts, and fill truffles. A traditional truffle is round with a simple chocolate shell or coating of cocoa powder, nuts, or coconut. But the world of ganache-filled bonbons need not end there. Our favorite producer of truffles and ganaches, Bon Bon Bon, is unconventional in its truffles' shape, use of flavors and textures, and packaging.

Full disclosure: I work at EHChocolatier but I also tested and considered five other vegan chocolates for this guide and have sampled many more in my work. None have compared to the Meltaway Collection by EHChocolatier. EH is not afraid to use flavor, so you'll never miss the dairy. The vibrant Passionfruit bonbon sends you to a juicy tropical oasis in one bite; the jade-toned Matcha chocolate is toasty, grassy, and silky smooth; the Belgian-style Hazelnut Praline meltaway, with bits of caramelized sugar and toasted nuts, is so rich you'll swear it's laden with butter. All of the fillings are balanced with the thin veil of bittersweet dark chocolate that enrobes them. The bonbons are decorated with vividly-colored cocoa butter to match the exciting flavors; pink zebra print is paired with juicy raspberry ganache, while psychedelic blue swirls top a rich dark chocolate center.

Christopher Elbow, best known for its brightly colored chocolate bonbons, typically offers four hot chocolate options of various flavors and cacao origins, in sleek reclosable tins. (You may find more limited availability as the weather gets warmer.) We tested the Cocoa Noir Dark Drinking Chocolate, the chocolatier's luscious interpretation of a rich European-style drinking chocolate. Containing just dark chocolate and vanilla bean, this super intense, silky drink has a velvety texture. Its balanced bittersweet chocolate flavor lingers just long enough to leave you craving another sip. With something so decadent, I was satisfied after a small mugful. No marshmallows needed.

The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club provided through works with professionals at the esteemed Zingerman's Delicatessen in Ann Arbor, Michigan to offer a curated assortment of chocolates, including both bonbons and bars. Zingerman's prides itself on a thorough product selection that sources chocolates from international, small-batch chocolatiers. 59ce067264


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