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ProppFrexx ONAIR v3.0.11.41 Incl Patch: A Comprehensive Playout and Radio Automation Software

ProppFrexx ONAIR v3.0.11.41 Incl Patch: A Comprehensive Playout and Radio Automation Software

If you are looking for a reliable and powerful playout and radio automation software system, you might want to check out ProppFrexx ONAIR v3.0.11.41 Incl Patch. This is the latest version of ProppFrexx ONAIR, a software that is designed for general On-Air operations (live assist and/or automation), whether you are running a large terrestrial radio station or a smaller web radio station.


Download Zip:

ProppFrexx ONAIR v3.0.11.41 Incl Patch offers many features and benefits that can help you with your daily workflow and audio quality. Here are some of them:

  • Unlimited Mixer: The flexible mixer and routing capabilities allow perfect integration without limits. You can define any number of mixer input and output channels, including logical sub-groups, and switch between different mixer setups easily. You can also use various DSPs/VSTs and support for almost any soundcard (ASIO, WASAPI or WDM).

  • Modern User Interface: The user interface is skinnable and supports multiple monitors. You can freely arrange the window panels and switch between different layouts with the workspace manager. You can also use the TouchUI mode or the High DPI mode for better visibility.

  • High-Quality Audio: The software supports almost any audio format with full meta data support, from lossless WAV, BWF/RF64, AIF or FLAC to lossy MP3, AAC/MP4, OGG, WMA or OPUS and many more. The internal audio processing and mixing ensures highest quality and best output for your sound.

  • Playout & Playlists: You can manage any number of playlists and serve your station with audio using up to 4 DJ Players per playlist. The playout can be fully automated, script-based and scheduled or handled manually in live-assist mode.

  • Scheduling & Scripting: You can use two independent schedulers (one for regular programs and one for extra overlays) to plan your hours and days ahead. You can use a UI driven scripting to configure your scheduled elements, such as fix time elements, time update syncs, soft, ends-at or hard segues, conditional rules and remaining time based scheduling.

  • Adverts & News: You can use the integrated advertising and news management to plan and bill your partners and schedule their campaigns. You can also handle multiple regions, any number of news categories, priorities, brand conflict resolution, automatic slot assignment and distribution, references and various opener, separator and closer options.

ProppFrexx ONAIR v3.0.11.41 Incl Patch is a 64-bit architecture software that runs on top of the latest .Net 4.8 Framework. It also has an extensible GPIO Client/Server architecture that can be extended by users or partners. It also has an AutoWatch Playlist feature that allows external last minute reference changes of an already running playlist.

If you want to try ProppFrexx ONAIR v3.0.11.41 Incl Patch before you buy it, you can download it from their official website[^1^] [^2^]. You will need to fill out a form with your name and email address to get the download link. The software runs in Demo-Mode if you do not enter a valid registration key at startup. The Demo-Mode has two limitations: a short 2kHz beep sound is played every so often, and it terminates automatically after 3 hours of consecutive use (a manual restart is required to continue).

If you want to purchase a license for ProppFrexx ONAIR v3.0.11.41 Incl Patch, you can choose from four editions: Basic-Edition (for small web radio stations), Standard-Edition (for medium web radio stations), Professional-Edition (for large web radio stations) and Enterprise-Edition (for terrestrial radio stations). The prices range from â99 to â999 depending on the edition and the number of concurrent users.

ProppFrexx ONAIR v3.0.11.41 Incl Patch is a comprehensive playout and radio automation software e0e6b7cb5c


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