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Airomate 2.01


Airomate 2.01: A High Quality Stereo and RDS Encoder for FM Radio

Airomate 2.01 is a software that allows you to use a 192 kHz sampling rate capable soundcard to generate a high quality stereo multiplex signal with full featured RDS/RBDS for FM radio transmitters. RDS stands for Radio Data System and RBDS stands for Radio Broadcast Data System. They are standards that enable FM radio stations to transmit digital information such as station name, program type, song title, artist name, traffic information and more along with the analog audio signal.

Airomate 2.01 has many features and advantages over other RDS encoders. Some of them are:

It supports all RDS/RBDS groups and features, including dynamic PS, RT, PTY, TP, TA, AF, EON, CT, PI, PTYN, DI, MS, PIN and more.

It has a built-in stereo encoder that uses a high quality oversampling algorithm to produce a clean and crisp stereo sound.

It has a user-friendly graphical interface that allows you to easily configure and monitor the RDS/RBDS parameters and the stereo encoder settings.

It has a low CPU usage and can run on any Windows XP or Vista computer with a 192 kHz capable soundcard.

It has a low price of only â29 and you can try it for free before you buy it.

Airomate 2.01 is used by many radio stations around the world and has received positive feedback from its users. Here are some testimonials from the Diffusion software website[^1^]:

"Awesome! We use Airomate side-by-side with Breakaway Processor, and both two matches perfectly. Airomate is a great software, a masterpiece for an incredible low price." - Junior Pakes RÃdio Nova Cultura FM

"Airomate is excellent! Believe me!" - LakisFM1

"Great software works fine and easy for a small price thanks !!!" - warsanis@1401

If you are looking for a high quality stereo and RDS encoder for your FM radio station, you should definitely try Airomate 2.01. You can download it from the Diffusion software website[^1^] and enjoy its features and benefits.

How to use Airomate 2.01

To use Airomate 2.01, you need a 192 kHz sampling rate capable soundcard that can output a stereo signal to your FM transmitter. You also need a Windows XP or Vista computer with at least 600 MHz CPU and 128 MB RAM. You can download the demo version of Airomate 2.01 from the Diffusion software website[^1^] and install it on your computer. The demo version has some limitations, such as a maximum running time of 30 minutes and a voice-over every 10 minutes. To remove these limitations, you need to buy a license for â29 and enter your registration code in the program.

Once you have installed and registered Airomate 2.01, you can launch it and see the main window with four tabs: RDS/RBDS, Stereo Encoder, Settings and About. In the RDS/RBDS tab, you can configure the RDS/RBDS parameters such as station name, program type, alternative frequencies, traffic announcement and more. You can also enable dynamic PS and RT to display song titles and artists from a text file or an external source. In the Stereo Encoder tab, you can adjust the stereo encoder settings such as pre-emphasis, pilot level, stereo level and more. You can also enable composite clipping to increase the loudness of your signal. In the Settings tab, you can select your soundcard and set the sampling rate to 192 kHz. You can also enable logging and remote control options. In the About tab, you can see the program version and license information.

After you have configured Airomate 2.01 according to your preferences, you can connect your soundcard output to your FM transmitter input and start broadcasting your stereo and RDS/RBDS signal. You can monitor the signal quality and modulation level on the VU meters and spectrum analyzer on the main window. You can also test your RDS/RBDS signal on an RDS/RBDS capable receiver and see if it displays the information correctly.

Benefits of using Airomate 2.01

Using Airomate 2.01 has many benefits for your FM radio station. Some o


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